2106 Goals

On the last day of 2015, I don’t want to look back at what I did or didn’t do this past year. I want to look ahead to what I want to accomplish in 2016!

If you’ve noticed, the title of the picture is “2016 Goals” not resolutions. I feel like goals are a more apt description because goals are tangible. Everyone always forgets about their “resolutions” by the first week of February. A goal is something you can keep working toward.

The goals on the picture are my actual goals for this year. I find it easier to not say a number on the weight. I want to feel healthy and know that a healthy weight for me is around 130 lbs. So that’s the idea in my brain. However, if I get to 133, or 128 (Ooh!) I will still be happy. It’s not really the number that’s important. It’s the feeling that I want. I want to not feel the sweat congregating on my back in strange places I’ve never before felt it! Of course, that means I’ll have to stay away from the M&M’s at work! But I can do it.

I think the others are pretty self-explanatory. I would like to speak to the last one, though, the “Pinterest worthy” goal. See, I like reading other blogs that have posts that could be pinned and have women (and men) salivating over them. In my brain, I think, I could totally do that. Umm… not so much. My attempts are more like the Pinterest fails. It’s not like I don’t try. I just don’t realize how much work goes into these things to make them worthy!┬áThat’s why it’s one of my goals for this year, so stay tuned for that! I’ll probably have a bunch of fails for us to laugh at, too!

So there you have it. My goals for this year. What are your goals for this year? I would love to hear them.


Here’s to an AMAZING 2016 for all of us!!!

Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2016

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