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Cool things to do in Boston.

Shopping in Boston

As you all know, one thing we like here at Above the Plum Tree is shopping.  We take our shopping very seriously and have been known to stay in a mall for nine hours, with a thirty minute lunch.  It’s pretty much a working day, although shopping isn’t the same as being chained to a desk, is it?  Without further ado, here are our picks for the best places for shopping in the Boston area.

Beacon Hill


All Work and No Play?

When my sister and I were in Boston, she got this sweater from Club Monaco.  We were thinking of the way she could style it and I instantly thought of a gray skirt; bam, instant work appropriate.  But then I thought, why couldn’t she wear it out for a night on the town?  Leather leggings and it transforms for evening.  See how to style it both ways below.


Club Monaco Sweater | Asos Leggings | Austin Reed Skirt | Topshop Clutch | Madewell Tote | JCrew Pumps | Aldo Pumps

Here’s a lovely shot of her outside the Club Monaco in Boston.  I think she looks so pretty! Now I just have to convince her to take that shirt out for a late night spin!  I feel like it has a sexy librarian vibe going on.  All prim and proper up top… but watch out below!

Club Monaco - Boston

The Nichols House Museum – Boston, MA

If you haven’t had a chance to check the news this week, let me alert you to a new feud: Demi Lovato/Taylor Swift.  Seems Demi has called out Taylor for giving Keisha $250K to aid the court case against Dr. Luke.  I’m sure theSkimm will have everyone up to speed on this by tomorrow morning if they haven’t already mentioned it.  These little feuds seem rather petty though, especially in the wake of our trip to Boston.
Tori freezing outside in Beacon Hill
Tori freezing outside in Beacon Hill
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