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Skin Survival! Moisturize to Defeat the Bitter Cold

During these bitter cold winter months, hydration is more important than ever. The reason being that the ambient air outside is much drier than in warmer weather. Unfortunately, the arid, arctic air takes a toll on your skin. Red, chapped, inflamed, and flaking skin are the regrettable reality of neglect and simply accepting winter is brutal assault on your epidermis. But fear not! There are simple and inexpensive remedies that will work wonders.


Toronto Part I

Toronto is great in February… if you’re willing to brave negative temperatures!


For my birthday Bianca and I went to Toronto for some fun in the sun freezing temps. We had the joy of seeing Angela Lansbury in Blythe Spirit at the Princess of Wales Theater. She played Madame Arcati and is a hoot. Just to see her ‘dancing’ on stage is hilarious.

Blythe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury - program
Blythe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury – program

We also ‘shopped til we dropped’ at the Eaton Center. Note to all who go there — choose your lunch place wisely. Say no to the Thai place. Not the best. Just something to keep in mind.  However, the shopping is a must for Toronto.

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