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Dressing Up A T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure I’ve extolled my love of t-shirts on this blog, but for those of you who don’t know or are new to the blog, it knows no bounds.  Give me a t-shirt any day of the week and I’m a happy gal.  Since I work for a creative company, I can wear them to work, however, I’ve become bored with them.  I know, how can that happen?  Well, it does.  That’s why when my sister and I got together for a shopping trip in Chicago, we tried to find t-shirts with some pizzazz. 



Distressed Denim: How to Wear It

Can distressed denim be worn over a certain age?  Can it be work-appropriate?  My answers are yes, and definitely yes!  I don’t believe in these so-called rules of women over 30 can only dress like old ladies.  Look at Jennifer Anniston, Susan Sarandon, and Dame Helen Mirren.  They rock whatever style they feel like rocking.  I can hear you saying, “yeah, but they’re celebs, and they have different rules.”  I beg to differ.  Read on to see why I think we all can wear distressed denim any time we feel like it!



Vince Dress Three Ways


This dress will look very familiar to you if you follow us on Instagram.  It’s my newest Vince dress that my sister bought me.  It is the most versatile dress I might have ever owned. It’s a great stretchy material, it’s not too heavy, especially now when it’s hot and humid out, and brace yourself for it — it’s washable!  This is basically a dream come true dress for me.  The best thing about it is that I can dress it up for date night, throw on the right shoes to make it work appropriate, or wear some great kicks to be casual cool for brunch or to see a concert.  Read on for my three ways to style the dress!


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