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5 Ways to Style a Shirt

I received this topshop shirt from my sister when I went to visit her in Chicago and thought that I should figure out a few different ways to style it other than the jeans I usually wear.  She then surprised me by showing me she bought the same shirt for herself.  Twinning!  We love doing that now that we’re older.  Not even sure why, but we do!  Of course, we styled it in the usual way — with jeans, but further below I have some other ideas on how to wear it.



Am I In Style?

This is something I hear from my friends a lot of the time, “Am I in style?”  Lets face it; sometimes you can’t afford buying a new item for your wardrobe every week.  I know we all love reading blogs and looking at Instagram because it’s aspirational, but does it ever feel like you just can’t keep up with all the new clothes you see every day?

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