Above the Plum Tree


Cauliflower Pizza – FAIL!!!

My sister and I have been reading the Addictocarbs book and (trying) to abide by its principles.  We were introduced to it on our cruise by our aunt and uncle, who raved about it.  The premise is that some people are addicted to certain carbs, and the only way to kick the habit is to go cold turkey for a while.  So cold bird we went (after our cruise, of course).


Halloween Makeup for Ghoul Sandy

Halloween.  Makes me think of candy corn, Hocus Pocus and costumes.  Every year I have such anxiety about costumes.  Growing up I was always a witch, mainly because I wanted to be a witch in real life!  Unfortunately, I grew up and grew out of being a witch all the time.  I’m also not one of those girls who loves the uber sexy Halloween costume.

via GIPHY  Not my thing.


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