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Flatform Sandal Frenzy For Summer


I don’t know about anyone else, but living in New York has made me appreciate comfy sandals (and shoes!) more and more… however that presents a huge dilemma.  This city is known for being tres fashionable and not just any comfy shoe can do for me to be seen in running around town.  Enter the comfy summer staple of this year… the flatform sandal.  I’ve recently been in agreement with the author of this article with the belief that they’re totally ugly.  I’ve seen a ton of women rocking the ugly footwear, so I’m changing my mind just like Ms. Rao.  


Ted Baker – I’m in Love!

When I was in Chicago, my sister showed me this blue dress she had just gotten from Ted Baker with a matching cami under it.  It was SO cute!  Of course, I didn’t realize exclaiming that to her meant that I was going to end up trying on the dress for pictures!


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